Terms of Service - DCSC

Terms And Conditions:
Our cleaning services occur between 9am-5pm. Given that each service we provide may vary in time we cannot guarantee a specific time. We have a cancellation policy of 24 hours prior to your service with a cancellation fee of $40. This fee is necessary as we reserve a large block of time for all future cleanings. The client is responsible for providing access to Denver Cleaning Service Company. In the event that the customer is not there on the day of the cleaning, or does not provide legitimate access to the cleaners in some other way (garage code, etc.), the client will be held liable for the minimum service fee of 2 hours worth of cleaning. We charge on half hour increments. The first ten minutes are complimentary to the customer after 10 minutes have passed, a new half-hour increment will begin and the customer will be charged accordingly. Payment is due at the end of each service unless other arrangements have been made with the customer. Failure to payment may result in cancellation of services for our regular customers. If you are a first time customer and we are unable to receive payment at the end of the service, your payment may be subjected to a collections agency. We only accept credit or debit and cash as a form of payment. Gratuity is not required but is always appreciated. Gratuity may be directly paid in cash to our cleaners or added to your credit card payment. 10-15% would be considered average. We love pets! if there are any pets in your home we recommend communicating that with our representatives prior to the service if not discussed on the day of your booking. If the customer is unsatisfied with our services we can offer for our cleaners to come out and re-do the work or complete a service left undone. We have a 24-hour policy after the service has been completed, for the customer to contact our office so that we can schedule a re-do service at our soonest available day. Due to health and safety reasons we are unable to climb ladders, lift anything over 50 pounds, clean up mold, human or pet waste, and bodily fluids. If we come into a house that requires this type of service we will skip the affected rooms and we will discount our clients accordingly. We do not throw any items unless requested. Thank you for choosing our company we appreciate your business!