It’s time to get smarter about how you tackle common cleaning tasks in the new year. It’s a good time to refine our approach to routine tasks, including laundry. It’s common to set new goals, take on new projects, and unavoidably fill your schedule to the brim. However, tasks like cleaning the house can go from a soothing Sunday afternoon set of chores to a stressful sidenote lingering in your thoughts. Let us at Denver Cleaning Service Company guide you on how to clean effectively and avoid common laundry mistakes.

Understanding Fabric Care

The key to a better routine or service when it comes to cleaning laundry doesn’t just come down to scrubbing harder or dusting more often. Effective cleaning goes beyond just separating lights from darks. It involves understanding each fabric’s needs. For your clothes, great washing techniques involve preserving color vibrancy, the strength of fabric, and dealing with wear and stains effectively. 

Since you spend your cash on signature pieces and comfortable clothing that is meant to last beyond next season, we compiled a few of our favorite easy laundry tips that are sure to make you a seasoned professional on wash day. By adopting smart washing techniques, you can avoid common laundry mishaps and extend the life and appearance of these garments.

The Misuse of Fabric Softener

We understand that fabric softener has been a product pushed on you for generations since its invention. It’s a common household product that is often misunderstood. Supposedly the perfect compliment to standard detergent, fabric softener offers the allure of making your clothes comfy with each wash. However, many do not know that fabric softener is not supposed to be used on an entire load of clothing. It’s only for specific pieces with rough textures. These garments when worn are excessively itchy or uncomfortable (we’re looking at you, wool sweaters). But for naturally soft items, often cotton or plush fabrics, treating them with fabric softener can damage the fabric over time and decrease its ability to withstand pulling and rubbing.

Protecting Laundry in the Wash

For your outerwear, a simple yet effective tip for washing outerwear and avoiding laundry damage is to zip up any zippers before tossing them into the machine. Go through and zip up your pant flys and jackets before putting them through the wash. It may not seem like it makes much of a difference to the piece itself. But, the advantage of this trick lies in how your zippered items interact with others in the wash. For example, knit items can easily snag on zipper teeth and damage themselves in the wash cycle.

Effective Stain Removal Techniques

Finally, we come to the sworn enemy of laundry specialists and residents across Colorado: tough stains. Addressing stains promptly and correctly is key to successful laundry care. Using the right products and methods for different types of stains can prevent them from becoming permanent. Whether you’re using a bleach marker, stain remover, specialized detergent, or plain old hot water, we recommend looking up the tried-and-true methods passed down from generation to generation for stain removal.

As part of our recurring cleaning services and residential cleaning, Denver Cleaning Service Company also offers a wide variety of specialty cleaning services. This includes laundry assistance. If managing your home’s cleaning needs feels overwhelming, consider partnering with us for expert help. Let us contribute to making your year more manageable and your clothes impeccably clean.