Grimy microwave interiors are an unwelcome sight. That’s why learning how to clean a microwave is essential to preserve its functionality and keep it sparkling. With the right guide, you can turn this exhausting task into an easy, breezy routine while taking your microwave from grimy to shiny.

Serving the Denver area for over 10 years, Denver Cleaning Service Company masters the art of cleaning. Within that time, we’ve been able to hone our expertise and now want to pass that along by teaching homeowners, renters, and business owners how to clean a microwave efficiently.

Our guidelines are backed by years of experience, making us a reliable source for all your cleaning needs, and our Residential Cleaning Services extend to every corner of your house, including your ever-reliable microwave.

Emptying and Preparing the Microwave

To start off, we always want to prioritize your safety as well as our cleaners. We can do this by always recommending you unplug the microwave from its outlet. Once that’s done remove the revolving glass plate.

Next, you’ll want to remove any loose crumbs or large bits of food. Even the smallest crumbs can hinder the cleaning process by potentially scratching the surface during scrubbing. A simple cloth or sponge can get your microwave interior to a smooth surface ready for the deep clean. During this step, we also recommend cleaning the revolving plate and roller.

Then, comes dealing with any stubborn spots or cooked-on food. Each spot may require specific attention as it’s best to scrub it directly using a cloth drenched with warm water or a plastic scraper. We recommend a plastic scraper as it will minimize the risk of your microwave suffering scratches compared to a metal alternative, but also has firmness and shape to help get those tough spots out.

Making a Natural Cleaning Solution

To make this guide as accessible as possible, we can also use a natural cleaning solution! A natural, DIY cleaning solution often proves as effective as the store-bought stuff with the bonus of being without any harmful chemicals. A simple mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water in a microwave-safe bowl can form the basis of a powerful, all-natural cleaning agent.

To make this, start by filling the bowl halfway with water. Pour an equal amount of white vinegar into the bowl. Vinegar is a great all-natural ingredient as its eco-friendly but also has the potency to tackle most messes in your microwave!

While we do love vinegar as an all-natural cleaning agent, the smell may turn off some people. If that sounds like you, we recommend adding a few slices of lemon or a few drops of lemon essential oil to your vinegar-water mixture. Aside from the natural cleaning powers of lemon, it also leaves a fresh, clean scent.

Steaming for Loosened Grime

We love this trick as it makes the cleaning job a lot easier! It also utilizes your cleaning solution so there’s no other prep needed!

Place your bowl of water, vinegar, and lemon slices or oil in the center of the microwave. Run the microwave at a high temperature for about five minutes or until you see your solution boiling and steam forming.

The steam has a twofold job. Firstly, the steam heats up the food debris and grime on the walls, roof, and floor of the microwave, loosening it from the surfaces. Secondly, the steam helps in preventing the grime from sticking to the sides post cleaning.

Wiping Interior Surfaces Clean

Post steaming, the real cleaning starts. Strap on those rubber gloves, grab a clean sponge or cloth, and get ready to wipe away all that grime.

Thankfully, if you followed the previous steps, this can actually be one of the easier parts of the cleaning! The steam from the vinegar-lemon solution should have helped release the grime. A gentle wipe with a cloth or sponge should be enough to clean any residue from food particles. Be sure to remember to pay special attention to the corners and edges.

Cleaning the Microwave Door

Once done with the interior, it’s almost just as important to clean the microwave door as leaving that dirty will make the inside appear dirty as well. Start by cleaning the interior side of the door. With food splatters often reaching as far as the door, you’ll likely find some spots from past microwave uses.

After cleaning the inner side of the door, we can now start working on the exterior. This is important as the door handle and buttons tend to harbor a significant amount of bacteria due to frequent contact.

Use your cleaning mixture and cloth to wipe down the exterior thoroughly. Give extra attention to the crevices around buttons where dirt and pathogens might hide.

Scrubbing Tough Stains

Unfortunately, every microwave encounters its share of stubborn stains where no amount of steam or solution-soaked wipes can easily remove them. For this, you’ll want to use a scrubbing brush.

Apply baking soda paste which works as a gentle abrasive cleaner that won’t scratch the surfaces of your microwave. Using a toothbrush or a soft scrub, gently tackle each stain. Spend the extra effort to scrub so you can be sure to remove any leftover stains.

Polishing and Drying for Shine

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the microwave, both inside and outside. This not only helps to dry the appliance to prevent dampness but also ensures all streaks are wiped away, leaving a shiny finish. Microfiber cloths are particularly good for this job as they are excellent at attracting dust, are super absorbent, and won’t leave any annoying lint or streaks behind. Be sure to wipe the corners, edges, and under the microwave as well, as these are spots where dust can sometimes be found.

Finally, we’ll be cleaning the door. Just as you did with the interior, wipe the inside of the door and the exterior, paying close attention to the glass. Wiping it down well will ensure a streak-free finish, adding to the overall cleanliness and appeal of your kitchen.

Opt for Recurring Cleaning Services, Stay Spotless

We hope this guide was helpful in teaching you how to clean a microwave! For professional help, choose our Recurring Cleaning Services, and let us take care of your microwave cleaning needs and more! You will not only reclaim the shine of your appliance but also reclaim time and energy that could be used for doing the things you love! Just sit back and watch as Denver Cleaning Service Company handles all the dirty work and your home (including your microwave!) returns to its original sparkle.