In Colorado, we sure do love our four-legged friends. But sometimes, they’re messier than a few children around the house can be! While you’re training your new addition and living with them in your home, accidents can happen and fur may shed (a lot). Our team at Denver Cleaning Service Company put together the essential tips for new pet owners to know when cleaning up after their pet.

Carpet Stains

Handling a pet-caused stain on the carpet is all about timing. The sooner you can get to the mess, the more likely you’ll be successful in removing every trace of the incident from your carpet. Canine urine can easily stain your carpet permanently, so the best thing to do is get your supplies and get to work on the stain as fast as possible. Start by removing any solid residue and then blotting the stain with a wet cloth. This is when your goal is to draw as much moisture out for the stain as possible. Once that is done, then it’s time to introduce soap or stain remover. If you don’t own pet stain removal spray or another sort of specialty cleaning solution, use a damp towel with dish soap and use it on the stain, applying pressure on it in small, circular motions. Alternate between the soapy cloth and the wet one until the stain is gone.

Hair, Hair, and More Pet Hair

Unless your dog is a breed that does not shed, you should prepare for the arrival of hair on every surface of your home upon your pet’s arrival. Depending on where you allow them to play and lounge, pet hair may suddenly be present on upholstery, clothing, your carpet and any other sort of flooring you have in your home. To handle pet hair, invest in a vacuum that is built for a large amount of hair. There’s also the Dyson Groom, designed to gently strip excess fur from your dog or cat’s coat to prevent it from getting on your home’s surfaces. Lint rollers are also a friend of many pet owners as a non-electronic way to take hair off of surfaces in the home.

Scratch and Chew Marks

Reducing marks like these takes training and a little patience. If there’s a specific part of your home that your pet tends to scratch, cover it with plexiglass until they are trained not to scratch that area. Whether it requires teaching them to interact with the area in a different way or stay away altogether, do not remove the plexiglass cover until you’re confident your pet won’t damage it anymore. Buying your pet chew toys, bones, and items that are specifically theirs to have is important for distracting them from chewing on clothing, shoes, or important items as their jaws and teeth develop over time.

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